Do you need to have control of your WordPress membership plugin content? Choosing the right membership plugin is very crucial for your business growth as it transforms your WordPress website into a completely functional membership site.

There are plenty of membership plugins available for WordPress including ARMember plugin, but sometimes it may be difficult to choose which will be the right plugin for your business.

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Majority of these WordPress membership plugins share the same features and functionality but the best plugin has its own unique characteristic that distinguishes it from the rest.

A good membership plugin should be able to help you;

Control access to your content: A good membership plugin should allow you enable access restrictions on who can access what on your blog. It should enable you to come up with detailed access rules that automatically protects your content based on various categories. This will allow your readers have access to what they have subscribed to on your site.

Create multiple membership plans/products: Based on the kind of services you offer to your readers, you can consider having free membership packages or premium packages to help you upsell your product or service. Having different WordPress membership plugin plans enable you to reserve some content for your highest paid readers.

Receive payments from members: A good membership plugin should enable you to monetize your website and be able to receive payments from subscribed members. Based on the needs of your business you can adopt a payment processor that automates the collection of subscription payments from members and concentrate on creating more content to attract more members.

Automate important tasks in your business: A good plugin should automate the frequent tasks in your business. You don’t have to waste your time managing your membership site.
Create a fully integrated coupon system: Choose a plugin that will enable you to have full control of coupons used to attract new users and offer special promotions.

What to look for when choosing WordPress Membership plugin.

The time required to setup the plugin

The needs of your website. What specific features do you need for creating your membership site?

The levels of membership subscriptions or membership plans.

The best interface of the membership site. Do they need human input?

The payment gateway to use. The membership plugin should be able to support your preferred payment gateway.

Now having all those considerations on what you need for your WordPress site, I’m going to walk you through the best membership plugin.

ARMember membership plugin

ARMember membership plugin

ARmember is one of the best membership plugins on the market. It provides multiple functionalities all under one roof and it is easy to use.

You can watch a free demo to know how the plugin works.

What makes this membership unique?

1. Membership plans and billing: You can setup unlimited WordPress membership plugin plans using this membership plugin. The plugin doesn’t limit the users to a single plan, they can simultaneously subscribe to multiple membership plans. The subscribed members have an option of subscribing to monthly billing, quarterly or per year payments.

Membership Plugin Plans

The user-friendly management system will allow you to easily manage the membership plans for the users, track all activities related to different subscribed users. The easy member management feature makes you in control of your website. It has unlimited plans with an option to create free and paid trial period for different membership plans.

2. Content restriction:  ARMember plugin allows you to restrict content based on membership plans. It has a super easy interface to set access rights and control what each subscribed member can access and what they cannot. Shortcodes are used to restrict partial/full content

Content Access Rules Management

The restrictions can be applied to posts, pages, custom posts, taxonomies and on special pages.

3. Several payment gateways: You can integrate the plugin with several payment gateways like PayPal,, stripe, and 2checkout. The ability to set up multiple payment cycles on a single plan makes the plugin awesome. This allows your user to decide whether to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Accept Payment

4. Content dripping: ARMember allows you to reveal restricted content for a specific period of time. Based on subscribed level, members can have access to periodic content and also help you to slowly release new content to your members. Drips modules can be scheduled to offer hidden content only.

5. Built-in form builder: The form built-in feature allows you to create stylish and customized forms with popup links based on your user needs.

6. Coupon management: ARMember plugin has an exclusive coupon management system which enables you to create different types of coupons and how to manage the coupons for different plans.

7. Woo Commerce: The plugin has a built-in facility to allow you sell subscriptions as woo commerce digital products. In areas where your payment gateway is not supported, you can use woo commerce supported gateways and enjoy the ARMember plugin features.

8. Security of data: ARmember plugin has a built-in anti-spam mechanism for protection of your data.


Easy to set-up through the unique membership setup wizard which allows you to automatically setup signup pages, login forms, membership plans and payment with a single shortcode.
Helps you to restrict access to any content published on your website including posts, pages, tags, files or some categories.

Integration of ARMember with different opt-in like Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse and Constant Contact marketing software.
Different payment gateways for your users.
Allows you to schedule access to restricted content for a certain period of time.


Inability to restrict content based on creation date.
When using membership plan for life, seeking customer support will be at an added cost.
The plugin has a premium edition at a price of $39.

ARMember is the easiest plugin to use with tons of features and add-ons for a complete membership site. Anybody can be able to use the plugin since no coding skills are needed.